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Change the name of your phone operator


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Not bad

OK, so it's not a huge problem, but certain mobile devices sometimes show the wrong operator name or ID when searching for network coverage.

If you're the kind of nit-picking person (or 'perfectionist' as you might like to call yourself) who is bothered by this then Personalizer could be just the tool for you, because the program lets you change the name of your phone operator.

It's pretty simple to use, and you just need to define the name you want to appear next to the coverage inidicator. You can type in anything you want and the change will be made instantly, meaning that the next time the operator is detected this new text will show up rather than the default operator name.

For correcting operator IDs, it's great, and maybe you'd even like to use it to add a personal touch or a bit of humour to your PDA. For instance, you could perform a play on words with phone operators to raise a chuckle, or input the name of a pet or loved on instead.

I wouldn't exactly say that this is an essential download, as ultimately its functionality is limited to changing one thing, but if you want to correct operator IDs, Personalizer does the job with no fuss.

Personalizer is one handy tool, it's a simply program that let you change ALL the operator names inside your phone to whatever you want. Because it also fix some problems with phones that show the 5 digit ID the developer decided he wanted to share it with the World.

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Personalizer 2.0

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